University of Vic


University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) was created in 1997 as an independent university with public sector supervision. ​From its very beginnings, UVic-UCC has promoted academic quality and a student-focused training approach. ​UVIC-UCC teaching programs offer academic quality and close contact with students, as required by the European Higher Education Area. ​The university nurtures a strong commitment to Catalonia - its educational system, language and culture – as well as to its regional development, by promoting technological innovation, sustainability and strong cooperation with the world of entrepreneurship.​  

UVic-UCC is a university that, throughout history, has developed recognised degrees in the field of education: teacher-training academic programmes for students in ECEC, Primary and Secondary Education stages; training for teachers in Master and Ph.D. stages; Long Life Learning/Ongoing Professional Development for educators, teachers and professors from 0 to 18 (undergraduate schools) and for university and post-graduate professors.​ 

Mobility programs as well as pedagogical and cultural exchanges with foreign countries (Europe and overseas) are a meaningful part of the UVIC-UCC activity, promoted by a network of institutions linked to the university.​ 

Teachers’ training and exchange are considered key factors for the development of a high-quality system for promoting the professionality of the practitioner. 

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